3 Ways to Focus on Your WIN’s

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Imagine this scenario: you decided to declutter your workspace by removing all the unnecessary items from the overcrowded desk – what’s the first thing you ask yourself? Similarly, if your mind was the workspace, how would you organize all your thoughts that are swirling rapidly inside your mind? In both situations, there is one question you’d certainly ask yourself: “what’s important now?” (WIN).

Interestingly, football’s Lou Haltz always told his players to ask themselves the WIN question “what’s important now?” at least 25-35 times per day. This helped the college football players to be on track with the most important activities that they were assigned on daily basis. But how do you focus on one thing?

Three ways to focus on your WINs

  1. “What’s important now?” is a question that trains your brain to move toward completing tasks and activities that need your immediate attention. The WIN question emphasizes the importance of doing something in the present instead of trying to make the huge jump into the future.
  2. It also challenges you to do two things: embrace the reality of your situation without any hesitation and clarify how you want to move forward or react in that particular situation.
  3. When you embrace WIN you just stop wasting energy on things that are not in your control. There is no juxtaposition of past and present, there is only present moment. You will realize that it’s amazing how quickly you can resolve or move on from life’s turbulences when you focus on your WIN.

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