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    10am - 1pm

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    The Westin

Have you ever felt that you are the best at what you do yet get overlooked?
What if you no longer had your job or role - What will be your identify?
Ever wondered, what is about a person that makes everyone want to meet them, listen to them?
Why do people say, personal branding has bridges the chasm between the basketball court and boardroom?
How come these days not only celebrities but everyone is able to become famous?
How is it that some people have no authority but yet wield huge influence?
What’s the secret sauce of building a supportive and powerful network?
How is that some people get invited everywhere & everyone wants to meet with them?
What does it take to become a thought leader in your organisation and externally?
What can you do to weave yourself into the fabric of your company so that you are seen as indispensable?
Ever wanted to work on aplan “B” for your career?
10X your synchronicity between your personal brand and company brand. Be the hero!

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About The Event

There is a 3hour Masterclass in the morning on how to build your personal brand, leverage networks and communities and chisel your executive presence. This Masterclass will get delivered by SHRM 2019 No 1, 2 and 3 HR Influencers from 10am to 1pm. The learning will unleash via storytelling by Aadil, Sharad and Harlina, they will use slide, share their journey's and secret sauce of building their brand and presence as well as networks and communities. The masterclass is getting curated using formats and templates which you can deploy starting the next day. It will be rich with actionable takeaways from each of the 3 segments. The 3 practitioners are going to make sure of that! The masterclass will wind by 3 small group round table discussions which gives you an opportunity to ask for your specific "recipe" of success. This is followed by lunch which is yet another opportunity to talk to the experts as well as network with other participants.


Event Agenda

9.30 - Registration (Tea/Coffee)
10am - 10.15am
Welcome & Opening
10.15am - 11am 
Tenets of Personal Branding - Aadil Bandukwala
11am - 11.45 
What is takes to Build & Sustain a Network - Sharad Verma
11.45am - 12.30pm 
Mastering the Art & Science of Executive Presence - Harlina Sodhi
12.30pm - 1pm 
Speed Coaching 
1pm - 2pm 
Lunch and Networking


Outcome Of The Event

At the end of the Masterclass, you will 

1. Be able to identify your brand identity

2. Know 3 ways in which you can build your personal brand

3. Get a toolkit which you can deploy to create your personal brand

4. Be able to identify 3 networks you can join

5. Learn how to build and nurture your networks

6. Understand 10 critical components of executive presence

7. Be able to understand 3 key attributes of a having powerful gravitas 

8. Know the 3 critical components of elevator pitch


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