BIY Hackathon - ICF Coaching week 2018

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Technology has evolved bit by bit from the late 90s giving us the leverage to explore new horizons of connecting with people on the other side of the triangular screen from across the globe – flipping from right to left and left to right at our convenience and navigating through the world’s widest web, we have it all at the tip of our fingers. With innumerable pages online, filled with information, don’t we still yearn to learn from the industry experiences?
Well, let’s brighten that sparkle in your eye, introducing #BIYHackathon, an initiative by Believe in Yourself (BIY), connecting Business Coaches, Influential Leaders, seasoned Human Resource (HR) personnel to share their experiences on coaching. This movement fired up and brought together aspirants with a similar vision to lead a life filled with optimism, happiness and fulfilment, the motivating force BIY believes in.
The International Coaching Week (ICW) 2018, announced by International Coach Federation (ICF), was held between May 7 and May 13 where Believe in Yourself set in motion a unique thread with the #BIYHackathon giving a digitally strong platform to ask and answer questions about coaching.
While there was a series of questions posted, there were several answers that poured in from participants about coaching, Piyush Govil PMP®Associate Director - Human Capital (Cartoonist & love to write) #BIYHackathon #ExperienceCoaching #BIY2018 I have never experienced a coach formally in my professional life. Though I always learn a lot from different people by observing, working with them. All good things I adopt to work on my improvement areas.
I love to get a coach at this point also, as learning never stops.
Alpa Kapadia Teli Leadership Coach and Life Purpose Coach - ACC Certified The biggest change I experienced post experiencing coaching was the immense re connection to who I already was. It helped me see and cut through the masks I was wearing that were not me. It helped me be more of who I really was. #BIY2018 #BIYhackathon #ExperienceCoaching
Amit Verma Digital Transformation Leader and Lifecoach The easiest segment to Coach is the “Reflective segment”... people who just don’t run after goals but occasionally sit down to reflect on their goals, their motivation, their support system and enjoying the journey too... And you don’t find this segment, they find you.. #ExperienceCoaching #BIYhackathon #BIY2018
Meenu Bhatia Passionate about creating positive behavioral change within people and businesses I work with a lot of high potentials and entrepreneurs and the moment they start getting in touch with their ' being' the magic happens. I have seen people putting their lives in a right perspective, declutter their minds and be more aware of the possibilities that their lives have to offer! #BIY2018 #BIYHackathon #ExperienceCoaching
Harlina Sodhi Culture Architect - Learning Strategist - Diversity Evangelist TEDx Speaker - ICF Coach - PMI PMP - ATD CPLP - GE GB My biggest takeaway from coaching is the number of ‘aha’ moments the coach could elicit within me & the ‘safespace’ he could create for me to introspect & reflect. #BIY2018 #BIYHackathon #ExperienceCoaching
Would you like to know how this simple yet exciting experience engaged its participants? Authors posted specific questions twice a day for participants to respond through tweets their viewpoint or ask a question adding three hashtags, #BIYHackathon #ExperienceCoaching #BIY2018. Sounds exciting, doesn’t it? What makes BIY powerful and one of the most effective networks amongst leading professionals? They are the passionate ICF credentialed coaches, covering diverse sectors and geographies, empanelled with BIY that work in tandem to deliver personalized sessions, one-to-one coaching and well-designed programs to bring in cultural transformation and work towards creating a positive difference. So, are you ready to grow exponentially with the power of experienced coaching with our coaches and trainers?
Let’s make it big with the #BIYHackathon by Believe in Yourself.

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