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Do you want to have
a fulfilling life?

The secret to a fulfilling life is having a transformative purpose, enriching relationships and being in the flow. Come discover how to get there by signing up for a coaching session

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Is your organisation
empowering woman leaders?

By supporting gender equality & empowerment, organizations build truly meritocratic & empowered workforce, improve their employer brand & create a balanced winning team for the future. To start a dialogue reach out to us.

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Wondering how to make your
organisation Culture

'What got us here will not take us there'. Given this, what will prepare & propel organizations into the future is their values & behaviours, their leadership team alignment & ability to craft & hardwire this into the DNA of its workforce. BIY culture architects will help design & deliver it for you.

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Experience Coaching

Congratulations on your win! Bill Gate says: "Everybody needs a coach. Coaching transforms life”. 

Through a process of conversation, deep reflections and powerful questions with your coach, you will be able to:
- Increase your self-awareness, manage your emotions & be able to play to your natural strengths and talents.
- Navigate rapid changes around you and learn how to turn challenges into opportunities. 
- Draw upon your innate skills and build capabilities of/for the future.
- Get a coach to be your listening post and a sounding board.
We are a consultancy firm which works in the area of organisation culture and believes executive coaching is one of the most powerful instrument of change and transformation both at personal and organisational level. BIY has a consortium of coaches who coach CEO & CXO, business and functional leaders, middle managers, start-up founder/co-founder, entrepreneurs and even millennials who are at cusp of their corporate careers. 
Gives times we are in today, BIY coaches are doing specialised coaching sessions designed to help you:
Build your personal brand.
- Manage the speed of change. Become more resilient and emotionally stronger.
- Reflect and explore your future choices of work, work and leadership and work and life. 
- Network virtually so you can use the knowledge, experience and connections of other to meet your goals.
- Expand your thinking. Strengthen your “being”. Build momentum in your quest for change and transformation


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The murmurings started many moons ago and reached a crescendo a while back.

Believe in Yourself (BIY) urges you to push new boundaries, to tread the untrodden, do things deemed “impossible” and finally triumph! The road to victory is long and hard read full blog

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Building Social Leadership
We are in turbulent times AND New Times NEED New Skills. Couple of years ago, it started to dawn on me that, that to grow, it wasn’t just enough to have a great academic background or mastery over a domain or even a supportive leader at workplace.


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Do you want to have a fulfilling life?
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Is your organisation empowering woman leaders?
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Wondering how to make your organisation Culture Future-Ready?
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