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Do you want to have
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The secret to a fulfilling life is having a transformative purpose, enriching relationships and being in the flow. Come discover how to get there by signing up for a coaching session

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Is your organisation
empowering woman leaders?

By supporting gender equality & empowerment, organizations build truly meritocratic & empowered workforce, improve their employer brand & create a balanced winning team for the future. To start a dialogue reach out to us.

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Wondering how to make your
organisation Culture

'What got us here will not take us there'. Given this, what will prepare & propel organizations into the future is their values & behaviours, their leadership team alignment & ability to craft & hardwire this into the DNA of its workforce. BIY culture architects will help design & deliver it for you.

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Featured Event

MasterClass & Culture Confluence


Date : 18 July 2019 | Timing: 10am - 6pm

Venue : The Westin, Gurgaon, New Delhi 

After Bengaluru, Mumbai and Kathmandu, BIY Culture Confluence comes to Gurgaon. We are in the midst of 4th Industrial Revolution, age of disruption & innovation; where

the critical skill of the future is Learning Agility coupled with having a powerful brand, ability to network & gravitas. When the rubber hits the road, mastery over these skills will make all the difference for a professional.

At organisation level, its about building a culture for the future, for its the glue that holds a company together especially in turbulent times, during growth or downturn. Culture Confluence is an attempt to demystify Culture, understand both its potential and the dark side, be able to get an understanding of culture tenets, get a roadmap to implement it in your organization, understand how to be digitally dexterous and hear stories of failures and successes from others who are walking the same path...

After all forewarned is forearmed!

The day is segregated into 2 parts. There is a 3hour Masterclass in the morning on how to build your personal brand, leverage networks & communities and chisel your executive presence. This Masterclass will get delivered by SHRM 2019 No 1, 2 and 3 HR Influencers from 10am to 1pm. The learning will unleash via storytelling by Aadil, Sharad and Harlina, they will use slide, share their journey's and secret sauce of building their brand & presence as well as networks and communities. The masterclass is getting curated using formats & templates which you can deploy starting the next day. It will be rich with actionable takeaways from each of the 3 segments. The 3 practitioners are going to make sure of that! The masterclass will wind by 3 small group round table discussions which gives you an opportunity to ask for your specific "recipe" of success. This is followed by lunch which is yet another opportunity to talk to the experts as well as network with other participants. 

Culture Confluence is from 2pm until 6pm.

The event is designed to be a melting pot of provocative discussions, innovative ideas, boundary less sharing amongst 75 professionals who are industry thought leaders, decision makers and influencers. During the event, you can also take a competency test to know where you are AND get access to learning portal which'll get you to where you want to go!. Focus of conversations will be on Future Skills & what you can do to access them, build them, showcase & leverage them; both for yourself & your organisation. 

Great opportunity to learn, network, build connects and forge friendships!

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Do you want to have a fulfilling life?
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Is your organisation empowering woman leaders?
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